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Torque Wrench Capabilities

Extreme Duty Torque Wrenches and Their Uses

When it comes to big industry, bolting applications require additional torquing power, higher accuracy and maximum versatility. RAD torque tools, pneumatic, battery powered, and electronic pistol grip torque wrenches are built for extreme duty with high accuracy and safe torquing. Here are examples of big industry applications that require torque wrenches:


Secure flanges and valves and bolts on boilers with RAD torque wrenches. Offering durability and security.


On the job portability is important - bolting screw spikes, as well as rail bolts and nuts used to be a grueling job that required several workers. RAD’s torque wrenches – with torque control and continuous rotation – are easy to use by a single technician.


RAD’s robust air tools and battery tools are designed to fit in tight spaces. They’re robust and can take any abuse, while ensuring accurate bolting for flanges.


RAD Torque’s cutting-edge technology provides the aerospace industry with the high performance tool it requires.


Heavy-duty manufacturing industries rely on torque wrenches for speed and accuracy on production lines.


Secure wheel bolts using the RAD pneumatic and RAD wheel nut bolting tools to ensure optimum accuracy, speed and usability.

Wind Energy

The ultimate wind turbine tool. E-RAD BLU and Smart Sockets™ provide the wind energy industry with accuracy control, ensuring bolt tightness.

Oil & Gas

RAD Pneumatic Series offers offshore oil and gas industry with the robust functionality needed to secure boilers and flanges.

Buying Vs Renting

Whether your need is for a single tool for a week, or multiple tools to complete a large project, plant outage or turnaround, having the availability to rent the right tools helps you get your job done quicker and avoid costly downtime. When you need a certain tool for a specific job, KRUE has you covered with over a million dollars in standard inventory, we can meet any need.

No job is hard with the right tool. We have the knowledge, experience and inventory to make it happen.

Need Help Finding the Right Torque Tool?

Tell us your application and requirements, and we'll show you the right tools for the job! Contact us at 855-THE-KRUE (855-843-5783) or schedule a call online.


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