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Why RAD Torque Wrenches Are Better

RAD Torque Wrenches

#1: RAD’s Auto Backoff Feature Improves Safety

Have you ever been stuck trying to move a heavy hydraulic tool off of a bolt or nut? With RAD’s automatic backoff feature, this will never be a problem.

No more wrestling with a tool to get it off the nut or bolt. Once torque is achieved, RAD torque wrenches automatically back off as long as you keep your finger on the trigger. Wear and tear on the user is completely eliminated.

“Safety risks are significantly lower because of RAD's automatic back-off feature and the difference in the weight and awkwardness of the old impacts compared to the RAD guns.” Mark, Maintenance Supervisor at SRP.

#2: RAD Guns Are Faster Than Everyone Else

Compared to hydraulic torque wrenches, RAD torque wrenches decrease tightening times by as much as 300 percent through the delivery of continuous and smooth torque.

RAD tools are all self indexing, allowing you to engage and disengage from your work rapidly. This allows the user to manually spin the tool and align each nut, making production much faster.

The RAD advantage lies in the planetary gear driven wrenches that have a continuous rotation while applying a controlled torque. This makes them much faster than a conventional torque wrench. Not to mention, the convenience of having the motor built into the handle and ergonomic pistol grip design is unmatched.

#3: RAD Guns Are Significantly Lighter In Weight

With the motor built right in the handle of RAD tools, you no longer have the hassle of bringing a heavy and expensive hydraulic pump and hundreds of feet of line to the job site.

RAD tools are extremely light in comparison to their hydraulic competitors and do not require a heavy pump. The ability to carry a lightweight torque tool that runs on battery power means they are easier to transport up to and use on work platforms. These self contained units enable your team to move effectively regardless of environment. It’s ideal for jobs where electricity or compressed air are not available.

“It’s the smallest 3,000 foot-pound package on the market,” said Chris McKerihen, a mechanical engineer at RAD.

#4 RAD Guns Can Be Customized For Hard-To-Reach Places

Every RAD tool comes with a reaction arm - but not every application is the same. Some bolts might be easy to access and others might be out of reach with a straight tool.

We have the ability to fabricate custom reaction arms for any job. So whether you have tolerance restrictions or long distances between reaction points, we can build a solution for you. We can even provide a zero gravity arm - making the tool virtually weightless and easily maneuverable.

  • Low clearance socket for bolting in hard-to-reach places

  • Reaction arm and a long extension shaft are when performing maintenance on recessed wheels

  • Low clearance kits for the railway industry

Ready To See RAD Tools In Action?

The compounding effect of your team saving days of labor, improved safety, mitigated potential injuries, and boosted production makes RAD Torque Tools a no-brainer.

Contact us at 855-THE-KRUE (855-843-5783) or schedule a call online to talk to one of our RAD torque tool experts.


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