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Common Questions About RAD Tools

Projects in the utility, construction, mining, nuclear, and heavy machinery space are costly, time consuming, and many times dangerous. RAD high torque guns and torque tools mitigate all these problems and more and KRUE Industrial is your exclusive representative of RAD Torque Systems in Arizona.

We understand you may have questions about RAD torque guns and tools – and we have included the most common questions and answers below. If you are looking for additional information, don’t hesitate to give us a call.

We use impact wrenches, what's the difference between an impact wrench and a RAD Torque Gun?

Answer: Impact wrenches can't tell you with any accuracy how much torque is being applied. RAD Torque Guns are calibrated and have model options with accuracy ratings from +/- 1% - 5% so you can be assured you have reached proper torque without fail. Impact wrenches are aptly named...they have a tremendous physical impact on the user. RAD Torque Guns provide easy operation regardless of torque load with no impact on the user.

We need RAD Torque Tools for a specific project, not every job. Can we rent?

Answer: It is true, there are tools that fit very specific needs & applications that you might not need on every job but for safety and job quality you want to make sure you are using the proper tooling and methods. KRUE Industrial has the largest rental fleet in the Southwest which serves the most common to the most difficult of industrial bolting applications. We can provide the right tool and all accessories for as short as one week to get your project safely and quickly completed.

What do we have to do to maintain RAD Tools?

Answer: Under normal use, RAD Tools just need to be calibrated annually. You will want to make sure you maintain the integrity of your product by making sure that all connection points remain clean and undamaged. When using the RAD Pneumatic series of tooling, it is important that you properly oil your tool along with removing excess water build up in your FRL system which is on the RAD Air Caddy. This general maintenance guarantees the longevity of the air motor.

How do you know RAD Tools are accurate?

Answer: All RAD Torque tools are calibrated to ISO 17025 specifications from the factory ensuring an accurate tool directly from the factory assembly line. After you have initially received your tool there are a few options to verify torque in the field or in your facility. All RAD torque tools can be used in conjunction with the RAD Smart Socket, this will provide the user a digital display of final torque applied on the impact socket within 1% accuracy. You also have the option to purchase a RAD Calibration stand where you can incorporate testing into company procedures to make sure the tool is always in proper tolerance. We also have a variety of models with built-in transducers that allow all the functionality of the smart socket to be built directly into the tool.

How often do we have to calibrate RAD Tools?

Answer: Industry standard currently 1 year calibration intervals. Calibration requirements vary based on industry and work being done.

Will the RAD Battery Tools improperly torque on low battery?

Answer: No, the RAD Battery series of tools has a built-in feature which will shut the tool off before giving a false torque reading. This requires the user to change batteries to continue work and prevents the tool from low torque output during low battery situations.

Have more questions?

Contact us at 855-THE-KRUE (855-843-5783) or schedule a call online to talk to one of our RAD torque tool experts.


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