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Relationships are what drives us and when we considered a name for our company, the relationship that meant so very much to us spoke loud and clear. We named our company KRUE Industrial after our first grandchild. Krue Michael Laughlin brings joy and enthusiasm to our lives every day, and we show that joy and enthusiasm in how we approach our partnerships. Knowing that his name would be uttered hundreds of times a day and become synonymous with next level service and integrity was our goal. Over a decade later, we are blessed to have our grandsons name known throughout organizations large and small.


So, when you see a KRUE team member with our logo on their shirt, one of our vehicles, or any of the products we provide, just know there's a lot in a name!

Krue Industrial - supplies & parts

Krue dresses like his Pop for Grandparents Day circa 2014.

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