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Exclusive Representative of RAD Torque Systems

We have a new product that will help you make and save money. KRUE Industrial is now your exclusive representative of RAD Torque Systems, and it changes everything.

Large scale industrial projects in the utility, construction, mining, nuclear, and heavy machinery space are costly, time consuming, and many times dangerous. But it doesn't have to be that way anymore.

RAD Torque Tools Mitigate Problems Often Found In Large Scale Industrial Projects

Our RAD Torque tools mitigate these problems by providing your teams safety, mobility, accuracy, reliability, and incredible value.

1. Reduce Fatigue & Strain On Your Teams

Here’s how: RAD tools are all self indexing, allow you to engage and disengage from your work rapidly. This allows the user to manually spin the tool and align each nut, making production much faster.

Have you ever been stuck trying to move a heavy hydraulic tool off of a bolt or nut? With RAD’s automatic backoff feature, this will never be a problem. Once torque is achieved, the unit automatically backs off as long as you keep your finger on the trigger.

2. Highest Accuracy In The Industry

Our battery operated B-RAD tool comes with plus or minus 3% on all values, and in critical applications where accuracy is at a premium, our electronic E-RAD tool is plus or minus 1%, providing the highest accuracy in the industry.

3. Move Effectively Regardless Of The Environment

Whether you are up high on a wind turbine, or down in a mine, these self contained units enable your team to be productive, and move effectively regardless of environment.

RAD products are stronger, lighter and more efficient than other torque system. With the motor built right in the handle, you no longer have the hassle of bringing a heavy and expensive hydraulic pump to the job site.

Tolerance restrictions or long distances between reaction points? We have the ability to fabricate custom reaction arms for any job. We can even provide a zero-gravity arm making the tool virtually weightless and easily maneuverable.

4. Never Run Out of Power

The standard battery will turn 300 bolts, or you can get a 10 amp powered battery that will turn 500 bolts. Once depleted, the battery only needs a 20 minute charge to get it back to full use. Since every RAD Torque Tool comes with 2 batteries and a charger, you should never run out of power.

Want To See RAD Tools In Person?

We come out to your facility or job site and let you see our RAD tools for yourself. Schedule a free demo, or call (855) 843-5783 for local sales, rental, calibration and service of RAD torque wrenches.


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