Lucas Oil's Synthetic and Synthetic Blend 4-Stroke SxS Engine Oils are a line of products in the most common SAE viscosity grades recommended by SxS manufacturers. These high-performance, all-temperature and all-weather-ready engine oils are recommended by Lucas Oil for use in side-by-side (SxS), ATVs, UTVs and virtually all off-road recreational vehicles. Lucas Synthetic SxS Engine Oils are suitable for use in all popular SxS makes and models including Polaris, Kawasaki, Honda, Arctic Cat, Can-Am, Yamaha and more. Lucas SxS Engine Oils are blended with high-quality synthetic base stocks (Groups IV, Ill, II), premium additives and shear-stable viscosity modifiers to provide unmatched performance. Formulated and proven to provide premium lubrication, resist oxidation, exhibit improved cold-weather fluidity and stay-in-grade viscosity, no matter how much the oil is sheared. Premium dispersants and detergents keep engines clean and free of deposits.