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KRUE Industrial Launches New Website

Small Business Funding

We are very pleased to announce our revised website launch.

We have worked tirelessly to help our partnerships thrive over the years. That said, we had poured all of our energy into them and little into our messaging to those who don't yet know us.

The first step we took was calling Ryan at Expert Creative. We collaborated on how to refine our message with the goal of giving any visitor to our website an instant understanding of what we do, and the value we bring. The concepts Ryan brought to the table not only helped us re-envision how we communicate our brand, but amplified our passion for what we do. We had put off redesigning our website because we assumed that to do it right would be cost prohibitive or too heavy a task. As it turned out, our entire team enjoyed and benefited from the process. We consider Ryan and his team to be an invaluable partner to KRUE Industrial. We consolidate purchasing, save resources, and streamline processes.


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