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How RAD Torque Tools Increased Efficiency for SRP

RAD torque tools boast exceptional accuracy, lightweight and ergonomic design for safety and better mobility. But how do they stack up when put to the test? We asked SRP what they thought of RAD tools after their teams used them on the job.

“We used to drag out air lines and use large and heavy air impact guns to loosen and tighten fasteners, and then use torque multipliers and torque wrenches to finish the job.

With RAD we’ve cut our set-up and start to finish job time by two thirds. Our torque accuracy has dramatically improved. Plus, safety risks are significantly lower because of RAD's automatic back-off feature and the difference in the weight and awkwardness of the old impacts compared to the RAD guns. Now our efficiency is extremely high. It’s amazing!

I’d probably have a mutiny on my hands if these tools were removed from the equipment room.

Thanks for introducing us to such an efficient tool.”

Mark Stanford

Maintenance Supervisor

SRP Santan, Generating Station


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