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10 Ways RAD Torque Systems Will Make and Save You Money

RAD torque tool.

We all know that having the right tool for the job is the key to completing projects on time and on budget. That’s what make RAD Torque products stand out from the rest of the entire industry.

RAD Tools are right tool for the job every time.

You may be able to achieve similar results with other torque systems like electric, hydraulic, or pneumatic but at what cost in time and effort?

With RAD torque wrenches and tools, you can:

  1. Win bids with your new efficiency which reduces project timelines.

  2. Decrease maintenance and calibration cost.

  3. Maintain your heavy equipment in-house.

  4. Rental and Purchase options for any project scope or company.

  5. Keep your team highly mobile in all environments.

  6. Protect teams from fatigue, strain, and costly bodily injuries.

  7. Team members can move quickly from bolt to bolt.

  8. Ensure accurate torquing within +/- 3%.

  9. Customized reaction arms and zero gravity solutions for any application.

  10. The ability to bid on hot work projects without heavy gear.

Schedule An On-Site Demo

The KRUE team will come to your location or jobsite and get these game changing tools into your team's hands. You can also setup a demo at KRUE Headquarters.


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